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FAQ African American resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my school a Rosenwald school?
Between 1915 and 1937, the Julius Rosenwald Fund provided funding and plans for the construction of 259 schools throughout the state. To date, approximately four dozen of the Georgia schools have been identified.   

What is an equalization school?
Georgia equalization schools were constructed as a result of the Minimum Foundation Program for Education passed by the Georgia State Legislature in 1949.  Implementation of this program did not begin until 1951, when the legislature enacted a three percent retail sales tax to fund this initiative, and the State School Building Authority was created to construct the school buildings.  Equalization refers to the doctrine of “separate but equal”, in which the separation of races continued in many of Georgia’s school systems until 1970. 

How can my church be listed in the National Register of Historic Places?
Churches are a predominant African American resource type in Georgia.  During and after the Reconstruction era members of the African American community throughout Georgia constructed a number churches and sacred places as community landmark buildings.

How can I join the Georgia African American Historic Preservation Network (GAAHPN)?
The Georgia African American Historic Preservation Network is an informal group of over 3,000 people from around the state who have an interest in preservation.  Members receive the award winning GAAHPN publication Reflections.  Anyone can join by submitting contact information including an e-mail address to Melissa Jest, African American Programs Coordinator, at melissa.jest@dnr.ga.gov.