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Consultants Directory

Consultants Directory

Welcome to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division Consultants Directory. Its intent is to provide to constituents and the general public a list of design and consulting professionals with interest and experience in dealing with historic and archaeological resources as they seek professional services and expertise when undertaking preservation projects.

Prospective applicants are welcome to submit a Consultants Directory Data Sheet and completed information packet. Please note that all applications are reviewed before posting, after which they will be added to the Consultants Directory at its next update.

The Consultants Directory is a self-nominated directory. As such, inclusion in this Directory does not represent an endorsement, recommendation, evaluation or assumption of responsibility for the quality of work of any listed consultant. There is no representation implicit or implied that any work product produced by those listed will meet federal or state requirements. There is no representation implicit or implied that the information provided by the consultant is accurate - - it is made available as provided. Users of the Directory should contact at least three consultants and check references with previous clients as part of their own individual investigation and judgment regarding the reputation, cost, and quality of any particular firm.

Before utilizing the Directory, first time users, prospective applicants and repeat users also, are strongly encouraged to read the Directory User Instructions.

* For updates concerning the directory, contact: 

Kim Feagler, Office Administrative Generalist
kim.feagler@dnr.ga.gov, 770-389-7844

The Directory is divided into sub-directories based on discipline (Master List of all disciplines):

Architectural History
Historic Architecture
Historic Landscape Architecture
Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation Planning
How to Select a Preservation Consultant or Contractor


The intent of this glossary is to provide meaning and explanations in easy-to-understand language of the professional services and preservation terminology used in the Historic Preservation Division Consultants Directory listings. This glossary is not necessarily comprehensive nor should the definitions be considered definitive; other definitions for the same or similar terms could be equally valid.

The professional qualification standards used to evaluate applications submitted for inclusion in the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division Historic (HPD) Preservation Consultants Directory are a combination of the Secretary of the Interiors Professional Qualification Standards as defined and officially adopted in 1983 (48 FR 44716, September 29) and the Secretary of the Interiors Historic Preservation Professional Qualification Standards as expanded and revised in 1997 (62 FR 33708, June 20), but not formally adopted for federal regulatory purposes.